We all know about the usual suspects; English, Business, Engineering, Computer Science, but what about the more interesting subjects? They are out there and more diverse than ever before; plus they tend to offer a career path that is higher than some on the pay scale.

  1. Astrobiology – An astrobiologist is one who studies life outside of the Earth. They will search for life on other planets as well as life forms in outer space. Many NASA missions in the United States are concerned with astrobiology such as the Mars 2020 Rover mission, and the Europa Clipper mission (Europa is the moon of Jupiter). An astrobiologist can expect to make approximately $100,000 dollars annually. It’s an exciting career path on the edge of new discoveries, and can also provide a descent living.
  2. Petroleum Engineering – One who specializes in petroleum engineering will develop ways to extract gas and oil deposits from beneath the Earth’s surface. We are a world that depends on petroleum to run, and individuals who specialize in this field will have no problems finding employment. A petroleum engineer can expect to make approximately $130,000 dollars annually and the job growth is expected to be much higher than other fields (approximately 26%).
  3. Motorsports Science and Engineering – Do you like fast cars? If so, this may be the field of study for you. A degree in Motorsports Science and Engineering will teach about motorsports, its business and design side, aerodynamics, and motorsports event planning and marketing. Beginning pay is relatively low and is based more on what a person adds to the team rather than individual performance. There are some team members of Formula One racing teams that make millions of dollars per year in salary.
  4. Professional Nanny – If you like to work with children becoming a professional nanny may work well for you. A nanny goes above and beyond the typical babysitter; most nannies will be required to speak more than one language, know children’s etiquette, and be professionally trained. A nanny, or au pair will often be considered an extended family member and continue to work for the same family throughout the child’s life. A professional nanny will often accompany the family on vacations, which can be quite an experience depending on the family. A professional nanny can expect to earn approximately $70,000 dollars annually, with added bonuses as an incentive.
  5. Marine Biologist – A marine biologist will study organisms that live in the ocean or other marine bodies of water, which includes tiny organisms living on the surface to the largest living in the depths of the ocean floor. It is a highly competitive field due to the fact that funds for studies and research are limited. However if you love the ocean and everything in it, this may be the career path for you. An annual salary for a marine biologist is approximately $50,000, with education being the factor that drives a salary up to the $100,000 dollar range.
  6. Folklore and Mythology – Yes, there is a degree for folklore and mythology at believe it or not, Harvard University. There are actually several colleges around the world who offer this field of study. Those who choose this degree will work in a variety of settings such as colleges, museums, historical associations, even the government. Salary information is hard to come by as most who obtain this degree often do not use it in their official title.
  7. Enology and viticulture – This is basically a degree in winemaking. Studies will include chemistry, food science, winemaking technology, and flavor development. This is a rapidly growing field with more demand than there are graduates. Salaries can range greatly due to the different directions one can go with the degree, not to mention that there are jobs available all over the world for those with this degree.
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