The world today has a very popular musical instrument in the guitar. There are two types of guitars that are widely used in the world – the acoustic guitar, and the electric guitar. Both these guitars have considerable following among music fans. However, enthusiasts of each type of guitar claim that “their” type of guitar is superior to the “other” type. Below we will look at some of the features of both types of guitars.

The acoustic guitar is the older of the two models. It maintains the design and make of the original guitar. It also uses the same fundamental principles used by the original guitar. The acoustic guitar uses, as its name suggests, acoustics to produce sound. The guitar has a huge sound hole that helps effectively amplify the sound produced by the vibrating strings.

The acoustic guitar does not depend on electric power to produce sound; as its counterpart the electric guitar does. This is a huge advantage especially when it comes to playing the instrument in areas without electric power. This also makes the acoustic guitar an ideal instrument for travel and for use in the outdoors.

Due to its simplicity, and the fact that one does not need extra electric accessories to use it, the acoustic guitar is much more affordable as compared to the electric guitar: an electric guitar might cost double the price of an acoustic guitar.

The electric guitar has a shape and design that is almost similar to that of the acoustic guitar. The major difference is that the electric guitar does not have the bulky sound hole found in the acoustic guitar. The electronic guitar instead has a smaller solid or semi-hollow body. The electric guitar does not depend on acoustics for sound amplification but instead uses electric amplification to boost its sound.

Electric guitars are usually quite advantageous when it comes to sound amplification. This is actually the reason why the guitar was created in the first place. The acoustic guitar has limitations when it comes to producing sound that is loud enough to be heard by a large audience. The acoustic guitar also has difficulties in being heard amongst other louder instruments such as drums and brass instruments.

Apart from amplifying the sound, the electric system can also be used to modify the sound to produce richer more pleasant sounds.

Due to this sound modification abilities, the electric guitar has been very instrumental in coming up with new music genres which include rock and roll, blues, and variations of jazz music. There are electric guitars that are specifically designed for these new music genres including special guitars that are made to play hard metal music. Some of the unique features in these guitars include their special guitar pickups.

Electric guitars are known to be more comfortable to handle due to their smaller size. They are also easier to play since one does not have to use a lot of effort in strumming or plucking the strings to produce sound.

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