Fighting to reduce the cost of education… for everyone.


Since the beginning of human kind, education has been the primary mode for development and progress and to stand a chance in today’s competitive market a college degree is must. Right from a very tender age, children are made to understand the importance of education and how it will help them securely build their future but with present scenario of continuous hikes in tuition fees, the days are not far when attending college will become restricted only to Richie Richs of the society.

The present system of education favors only fortunate and affluent people, as with such high fees poor and lower middle class students will never be able to reach the college. This will indirectly increase the gap between Rich and Poor, as the industries won’t hire you without a degree. Educational institutes do understand this fact very well and hence have converted this Nobel Profession of teaching into a business, which target only profits and not the affordability for masses.

According to the surveys conducted by various sources it was found that 71% of the college students in 2013 held at least some student loan debt, with the average debt being $29,400 per borrowing student. Also, with recession hitting hard, families and student are left only with the options like pursuing online degree program or attending smaller school with lower tuition.

Also according to a survey from CNN Money, the average cost of four-year education at most American universities has increased approximately by 130% since the 1980s and is bound to increase even more. With state reducing its grant to 18% from 42% in 1970s, is also responsible in increasing the tuition fees and there are predictions that within ten years fees will skyrocket to $41,325 for public institute and $82,240 for private institute.

Children are the biggest assets for tomorrow and investing into their aid is an investment in everyone’s future. With polls predicting that by 2018, college degree will be as important as a high school diploma, time has came when we need to react or our children future will be sent crashing to doom.

It is very well know that college graduates earn more, have greater financial stability and resources and have increased chances to be employed, they make fewer demands on the public purse for needs such as unemployment compensation and health care. They contribute far more in taxes- 80 percent more during their lifetime than those without a college education, according to a recent report by the College Board. Thus, insuring students future today will provide lifetime returns.

Moreover, if colleges reduce their fees and make themselves accessible to all, they will indirectly be increasing their profits as more number of students will enroll for various programs. Also, it will provide a chance to those who live in poverty, to step out of the vicious circle of poverty and utilize their talents and skills. Affordable education is the only key for development of a society with no other substitute for it.