A pharmacist does way more than fill your prescriptions. They can also give you advice on medications as well as drug interactions and so much more. You can ask your pharmacist anything about your prescriptions as well as over the counter medications. They can help to ease some of the side effects to certain drugs by adjusting the time in which you take the medication as that could be impacting you negatively. A pharmacist can also tell you what foods are okay to eat with what medications. They love to be asked questions, so talk to your pharmacist! Here is some information about becoming a pharmacist and what it takes to do so.

As mentioned previously, a pharmacist has the ability to not only fill your prescriptions but determine how to eliminate side effects as well as giving you up-to-date over the counter medicine information. A pharmacist must become a Doctor of Pharmacy and that usually takes about 6-8 years. After they complete their 6-8 years of schooling, they must then become licensed in their state. Once a pharmacist is licensed, they can start their careers making $89,000 a year or more. Most pharmacists work in merchandise stores such as CVS or Walgreens. If you enjoy the idea of helping people with their medications as well as working in a pharmacy but do not see yourself becoming a pharmacist, there is still an option for you.

A pharmacy technician is someone who works under a pharmacist and supplies medicine to patients at the counter. They are permitted to prepare certain prescriptions as well as give information to members of the healthcare field as well as patients. Many pharmacy technicians work at local drug stores. It takes a lot less education to become a technician and this is a great way to see if the pharmaceutical industry is right for you.

Many places who hire technicians do not require a college degree or certificate to become a pharmacy technician. A lot of times on the job training is suitable. However there are colleges and trade schools that offer degree programs for pharmacy technicians. These programs are usually no more than a year and then you must take a test if you would like to become certified in your state. If you are certified you tend to make about $30,000 a year or more. It is best to become certified because you will get a more competitive starting pay.

What is great about getting into this field is that you have the opportunity to help people in need. You also get the opportunity to discover if becoming a pharmacist is the right career path for you by becoming a pharmacy technician first. Either way it is a wonderful opportunity and a rewarding career choice.

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