When you think about the gas and oil industry, you would expect to find out that petroleum engineers play the most important role; after all, they do specialize in the substance that they are dealing with.

However, recent technology and innovative thinking has shown that computer engineers in fact play an equal role in the business as petroleum engineers do.

Because of the high level of importance gas and oil has to the world today, it shouldn’t shock you that having a college major in geology and/or petroleum engineering are one of the most valuable majors you have. The industry needs engineers now more than ever, but more than that, they need new tool, new ideas, and new ways of thinking. Oil and gas industry, meet computer engineering.

Computer engineers are able to basically improve the gas and oil industry by providing a higher level of organization. They are able to provide new Management Information Systems (MIS) which in turn makes the industry a whole more efficient and organized. When dealing with important substances like gas and oil, the data needs to recorded correctly and stored in an organized manner. They also make a pretty penny in the process.

In addition to installing new information systems, computer engineers can install other forms of hardware and software. Technology itself has stayed fairly distant from the gas and oil industry, and that could help explain why there have been so many issues with it today.

Customized software designers that help add new functions to existing hardware is a task that many petroleum engineers cannot do, but computer engineers can. This could entirely revolutionize the industry of gas and oil, and hopefully can help stabilize the industry.

Computer Engineers at Par With Petroleum Engineers Credit Picture License: dearsomeone via photopin cc

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