A career in the health industry can be very rewarding, which is why you should consider various positions if you would like to spend time working with patients. But you don’t necessarily have to become a doctor or a surgeon to be successful in the medical career; you can choose to go another route as there are many different career paths you can choose.

If you love to be technical, you can consider working as an EKG technician. Not only is this rewarding for people looking to pursue a career in the medical industry but also ideal for someone who loves working a job of a technical nature. An EKG technician is also known as a cardiographic or electrocardiogram technician and your job will be to identify and treat cardiovascular problems with the help of diagnostic tests on patients. You may have to explain procedures to patients, take their blood pressure and even work long hours on evenings or weekends.

In terms of compensation, an EKG technician will need to hold a diploma with on-the-job training too. Although you are not legally required to hold a certification, many employers require it. In terms of skills, you will need to be dependent, compassionate and willing to work longer hours. There are many benefits to becoming an EKG technician and if you don’t mind working longer hours or on weekends on occasion, this will be the ideal job for you, especially if you want to work in the medical field.

A Dialysis Technician

Another option is to become a dialysis technician. Your salary will be around $39,000 per year and with some experience you can earn more than $43,000 per year. In terms of hourly rates, you can expect to earn anywhere between $11.00 and $15.00 per hour to start, working your way upward. This is also a great option if you are looking for a career in the medical field, without having to undergo years of training in medical school. It’s always challenging to work with something technical, and if you consider the benefits, a dialysis technician is definitely a good choice to make.

Your responsibilities will include being responsible for operating dialysis machines and monitor patients who are undergoing treatment. A dialysis machine will work to remove waste from the blood and excess fluids from the body when the kidneys cannot perform this function, or if a disease prevents a patient’s body from doing so on its own. As a dialysis technician you will work closely with nurses and doctors, to help patients through this procedures and make sure they are properly monitored. A medical technician is a nice in-between career if you’re interested in the medical field but don’t want to have to go to full blown medical school.

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