Great Juicer

Juicing is a process of extracting juices from fruits leafy greens, herbs,and other types of vegetables by use of a tool called a juicer. This tool , grinds, crushes juice out of pulp. There are different types of juicers as shown online at which include; centrifugal juicer and masticating juicer and citrus juices. You should consider the following on how to buy a great juicer.

1. Buying a centrifugal juicer:

Evaluate what you juice

For juicing vegetables and fruits centrifugal juicer is best option which can be used. They can juice greens even spinach but not very excellent. Mostly they can’t juice wheat grass. Therefore they are great in vegetables and fruits.


In choosing a centrifugal juicer you must consider the price. Though this juicers have a favorable price compared to masticating juicers which are a bit higher in prices than centrifugal juicer. They have different ranks of prices and of different models.

Juicing speed

They are faster and efficient as one can prepare a glass of juice any time. Centrifugal model is right to use because is fast if you have little time left.

Easy to clean

Cleaning a juicer is not an easy exercise when making a juice. With centrifugal juicer cleaning is easy as compared to other models. A model that separates suddenly making cleaning fast and rinsing is easy is highly recommended. Braville models and Hamilton beach big mouth juicer are easy to clean.

Are you able to deal with noise?

One disadvantage of the juicer is that it makes a lot of noise. They make noise the same as blender, coffee grinder or food processor. Though the noise made by juicer may not take a long time because it is faster.

2. Choosing a masticating juicer:

Consider your health

Masticating juicer is best recommended if your aim for juice is better health. The use slow moving rotating screw to gently crush which retains the nutritional value of veggies,greens and fruits.

Determine if you want to juice greens

Masticating juicer is efficient to juice a lot of greens compared to some higher models of centrifugal which can handle greens but inefficiently. It extracts a lot of juice from greens.

Decide if you would like to juice wheat grass

Wheatgrass is most nutritious juice which is full of vitamins, minerals .If you want a wheat grass juice, masticating juicer is more efficient compared to centrifugal juicers which juice leafy greens.

Reduction of food wastage

Although this juicer is expensive, it produces more juice and if you use your juicer more than enough, you will recover your money over period of time.

Longer storage of juice

Low heat is introduced into the juice because of low process. Thereby one can store fresh juice for long without losing it nutritional value compared to centrifugal juicers which lose nutritional value at the moment.

Making of pasta

Used to make fresh pasta or baby food although these kind of masticating juicers have higher prices.

3. Selecting citrus juicers:

The amount of money

There are different types of juicers which include, manual presses,simple hand juicers, and electrical juicers which vary widely in cost.You should budget on how much to spend on the type of juicer you want.

Preferably hand juicer for easier use and value

Hand juicer is best and cost effective .They are easy to clean and cheaper as compared to other citrus juice.

Pulp selection

Look for a model with pulp selection and this determines how much pulp will go into your juice.There are different citrus juicers with pulp which include; Black and Decker CJ625.

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