It can be extremely difficult to pick a degree when you are planning for college. Sometimes students wonder what the better field is to get into, medicine or law. They both have their benefits that is for sure. Keep reading to find out the perks of both rewarding professions.


A veterinarian is a medical professional who is responsible for the medical care of many different types of animals. This requires a Bachelor’s degree in science and a PhD. This is a very rewarding career with many benefits. There are some really amazing schools to choose from when you are trying to pick a school for veterinary medicine.

In 2012 Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine was rated the number one program in veterinary medicine and has been around for over 150 years. This college is located in Ithaca, New York and has over 200 trained and professional members of faculty with nearly 400 students already enrolled in this program. Students come out with an extensive amount of knowledge in all different types of veterinary medicine.


Paralegals are responsible for supporting attorneys by performing a number of tasks such as file organization, legal research, and the drafting of documents. They work in many different organizations but primarily work for law firms, government agencies as well as departments in the corporate legal sector. This career field is in high demand and is an excellent way to learn more about laws and government. The need for paralegals is expected to jump 17% in the next ten years. Even though it is in high demand, you must be prepared for the competition. Here’s more about how to become a paralegal and where to get started.

If you are detail-oriented and intrigued by all things law related, then this is the career field for you. You must first earn your certificate or degree in Paralegal Studies. There are many colleges that provide Associate’s degree or certificate programs and many are even available online. Kaplan University Online offers a Legal Studies degree and have helped over 6,500 students achieve their dreams of becoming paralegals. After you have received your degree or certificate, it is now time to start looking at the job market and finding an internship. The salary for a paralegal is about $55,000 a year depending on experience.

No matter what career you decide is best for you, they both have a number of benefits and rewards. Medicine and Law are both great choices but it comes down to where your passions truly lie. Both involve helping others which can be very rewarding. The more of an education you have the better chances you have in succeeding in all of your future endeavors.

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