Cosmetology is derived from the word “cosmetae”. This is a Roman word that was used to refer to people who worked applying perfumes and cosmetics on wealthy women in the ancient Roman Empire. Today cosmetics are no longer a preserve for the wealthy but is rather for all. Cosmetology is as a result an exciting, fun and fast paced profession that is a lifeline for many. Below are some of the reasons why one should consider joining this profession.

Cosmetologists, especially those who work as stylists, can in most cases be able to determine what they earn. This is because their income is directly related to the type and the amount of work that they do – the more the clients they assist usually means the more they can earn. This is also advantageous to the salons since the talented stylists will bring in more customers and this will lead to more income. It is also a good way of ensuring that the stylists are motivated since they understand that the harder they work the more they earn.

Most of the people who work in the cosmetology industry have flexible schedules with most of them getting to the salons at noon since most of their clients can only get time during lunch breaks. Stylists that have young children can be able to set their schedules in a way that best suits their needs. Due to the flexible schedules, some stylists are able to set up private sessions with their clients which ensure that they earn some extra income.

Unlike office jobs that are rigid and monotonous, cosmetologists have the unique opportunity to chat with friends, clients and co works all day long. No day is the same for the professionals in this industry since the different clients that they come across have a new story every time that they visit. And since being friendly and pleasant to the customers is part of the job, stylists find themselves having good friends in most of the clients.

For the stylists who have a vision of owning their own business, cosmetology offers them a good opportunity since they can slowly turn their popularity into a business venture. Building your business allows a stylist to enjoy the excitement and freedom of being an entrepreneur. Running your own business ensures more freedom.

The inactivity that is associated with sitting all day long behind a desk has caused a lot of diseases for those who have to sit in their offices everyday. In contrast, cosmetology is a very active profession since the stylists are on their feet most of the day and are always using their hands and arms hence are able to burn a lot of calories. This is a great way of ensuring that you keep fit while earning money at the same time.

Due to the nature of their work, cosmetologists are able to visit different parts of the world while in the line of duty. They are also able to meet with all kinds of people including celebrities and other powerful people.

Cosmetology, like other careers such as medical careers, is a rewarding career since one is able to get satisfaction from helping out the clients.

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