The medical world is full of wonderful technology, cutting-edge tools, and advanced formulas that have developed over the course of time, but the medical field can also contain other forms of treatment that aren’t necessarily so materialistic. Music is one of the things that is finding itself in the medical world and even having more success than costly treatment plans. Musical therapy, for instance, is on a booming rise in popularity as there becomes more and more clinical proof that it truly works. Music is a wonderful tool, and in many cases it can outperform even the most advanced technologies.

Musical therapy is a very unique and interesting dimension to medicine that has, for a long time, received mixed reviews. Some people called them scams, placebos, fraudulent, etc., but it has come a long way as there as been more research done to figure out works and what doesn’t. It has been proven music does have a very unique effect on our minds, and in many ways music can be used to reduce stress, put us at ease, and even relieve pain. There are some medical operations where the use of painkillers, morphine, and other suppressants can not be used; music is then used to get the patient’s mind off of the pain.

But music has a bigger job than just being a mild pain reliever. Music has a very direct connection to our minds and our emotions, and can even help Alzheimer patients recover memories that were formerly lost to them. We make lots of associations to music where we subconsciously link certain people, events, and/or images to certain songs. Listening to the same song can instantly trigger sudden emotions that can be used and directed for medical treatment.

If being a musical therapist is a passion of yours, then definitely do some research and find out more about it. You’ll want to know what the educational requirements are, what the estimated salary is, and even some steps to take to set you on the right path. All of this is really just a click away, so definitely jump on the opportunity. Musical therapy is a vastly growing field in the medical world, and you’ll want to be a part of it!

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