My interest in pharmacy began long time ago. I remember that this was around when I was in lower grade. I had an uncle who was working at a pharmacy and I used to accompany him to his work place almost every weekend. I was captivated by the working environment of a pharmacist and I thought that it would be a good place to work at in future.

I was performing well in sciences, especially chemistry when I was in high school. Mathematics however seemed to let me down as I performed averagely and sometimes even failed in it. I knew that I had to perform well in sciences and mathematics if I wanted my dream of becoming a pharmacist to come to reality.

To my dismay, I performed excellently in sciences but failed terribly in mathematics. So this meant that I had to undertake a pre-university course to upgrade my high school grades in order to enroll for a course in pharmacy.

Failing in mathematics at high school dimmed my spirits and I saw no hope in pursuing a course that I had always desired. I resorted to helping at my father’s gunsmith shop.

My father was a renowned welder in the entire town. He has been welding for more than twenty years.

One Saturday morning while at the welding shop, a tall and well-built gentleman entered the shop to have some work done for him. I heard my father call him Jim, they were old acquaintances back in high school.

Jim was stayed at the shop chatting with my dad about their old days and business. He observed me as I worked on the repairs on his equipment.

“Young man, where did you learn that from?” Jim asked.

I told him that I had acquired welding skills by working with my father at his shop after completing high school. My father who was also listening to our conversation took the opportunity to tell Jim about my interest of becoming a pharmacist.

It is on that day that I realized that Jim owned two chemists and he had opened two more pharmacies in our town and he needed more employees.

“Can you take him to work as a casual in one of your pharmacies?” My father asked Jim as he handed him the equipment which we had finished repairing.

“Send him up tomorrow. I will find something that he can do”. Jim answered.

The following week I reported to work at the chemist which I worked for the next two years stocking, delivering medical supplies and even sweeping floors. I was still hopeful that my dreams would see the light someday.

While working at the chemist, I enrolled for short courses in business management in a college where I studied part time. I excelled in these courses and Jim my employer, was encouraged by my determination.

He promoted me to be a supervisor in one of the chemists. After working for one year, he handed over responsibilities of management to me. I have always been grateful to Jim for his lifelong mentorship and giving me the opportunity to work in a field that I have always desired.

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