I love travelling. Travelling is actually the best recreational activity for me during my vacation time. Many people have different things that they love doing in their free time. Some opt to engage in activities such as; reading a good book, taking a hike, cycling, sport activities, or visiting friends. For me, the best thing is changing completely from my every day environment and going to new places where I can discover new things and meet new people.

In my yearly vacation trips, I have managed to travel to many places around the world. My aim is to eventually travel to all the major attractions in the world and interact with as many cultures as possible. As such, I have been able to travel to different continents in the world visiting top attraction sites. For example, last year during my vacation I travelled to East Africa where I was able to witness the monumental Serengeti Migration.

This was not my first time to visit Africa as I had already been to Egypt a few years before where I had visited the great pyramids and toured the numerous historic sites. This time however, I wanted to experience the famed African safari. I wanted to have a firsthand experience of the African savannah with all its wildlife. Visiting Kenya during the yearly Wildebeest migration would help me have a wholesome experience of the African wildlife.

During the visit to Africa, I recruited the services of one of the longest serving tourist service that operated around East and Central Africa. The firm was famed for providing tourists with the best experience; taking them to the best sites and providing the best information concerning the sites, the native communities, and any other worthwhile detail. The service also has great personnel with great skills in providing friendly services to the tourists.

During the trip, I was joined by six other tourists from different places around the world. There was a couple from Ukraine, two ladies from the UK, a gentleman from Ireland, and another lady from Australia. We were an all English speaking group and hence we had a great time interacting together.

The gentleman from Ireland was an especially interesting fellow who kept us entertained with lots of humorous stories. He also had a small travel guitar which he claimed he always carried around in his travels to entertain other tourists. True to his claims, he was a very good guitarist and a good vocalist as well. Many times when we were exhausted after a long day out in the savannah, he would entertain us with some lovely Irish songs.

The guitar playing Irish man resurrected a music passion in me that had been lying dormant for a long time. As a young lad, I had loved playing the guitar very much. My elder brother had taught me how to play the instrument using an old seagull guitar that we had at home. I had however slowly drifted away from playing the guitar when I joined college and later started working.

The Irish fellow revived my passion and when I came back home I bought a guitar and I have been playing regularly ever since.

Next time I travel, I too might be able to entertain my travelling colleagues!

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