Many times people find it necessary to travel around with their musical equipment. This is especially the case with musicians who need to travel and perform in different places around the world. This is because music equipment, even similar types and models, usually have some slight differences. Musicians normally prefer to play using the equipment that they are accustomed to playing.

Playing an instrument that one is accustomed to usually helps in enhancing the confidence of the instrumentalist. An instrument that one is not accustomed to might have slight differences that are likely to hugely affect the player’s confidence and eventually mar his or her performance. It is also usually more cost effective to use one’s own personal equipment rather than having to always hire or buy new equipment whenever one travels.

Many musical bands or groups also have equipment that is branded to be conspicuously distinguishable and associated with the group. For example, a group might have a trend where they use equipment of a certain color. As such, they would need to travel with their already branded equipment since it would be very hard to get matching equipment that they can hire or buy on their travels.

In finding equipment that is ideal for such groups, it is important for the band or musician to always consider the suitability of the instrument to be carried along in the travels. In doing this, the weight and size of the equipment is a usually a major concern. There are some musical instruments for example that are way too large and too bulky to be conveniently carried along in travels.

The acoustic piano is for example very large and heavy. It is also a relatively fragile object. As such, it would be very cumbersome to carry it around. In such a case, a group might want to instead use an electric digital piano which produces a sound quite similar to the acoustic piano. However, the electric digital piano is much more portable and it is built to be more resilient to being moved around and to rough handling.

The size and weight of the musical instrument is also a major consideration for musicians who travel a lot since the bulkier or weightier the instrument, the more costly it will be to move from one place to another. A good example is in the use of air travel and water travel. In these types of travel, the weight and size of the baggage usually greatly determines the costs incurred.

Another major issue to consider when selecting musical instruments that will be used in travel is the use of electric power. Instruments such as the electric guitar depend on electric power to play and hence one has to remember to confirm whether the destination where the performance is to be held has electric power.

If the venue does not have dependable electric power, the travelling musicians then need to organize to have their own portable source of electricity. This could be in the form of power batteries or electric generators.

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