There are many careers available for students interested in the medical field. The opportunities are all diverse and rewarding and many of them do not require countless years of education. If you are interested in a career that involves helping people and is not only fulfilling but opens many doors to other opportunities, then I have some options available for you.

A respiratory therapist a worthwhile career that allows you to learn something new every day. There are many responsibilities that a respiratory therapist might endure on a daily basis. One of their primary responsibilities requires them to diagnose and assist in treating breathing and lung disorders. A RT would also interview the patients as well as doing exams and deciding what method of therapy would be best for their circumstances.

They would then consult with the doctors and possibly recommend changes in therapies. Some of more of their technical tasks would require them to go over tissue, blood, and breath specimens to check oxygen levels. Respiratory therapists may also be responsible for managing the ventilators and respond to Code Blues.

If you are considering respiratory therapy as a career there are education options for you. Most trade schools and community colleges have degree programs in respiratory therapy. These programs are typically between 1-2 years in length and require you to be licensed. Respiratory therapists typically make about $60,000-$70,000 in salary. What an awesome life-saving opportunity.

Another career path you may choose is that of a paramedic. A patient’s lives could be in your hands if you choose this for you career. Paramedics primarily care for injured or sick patients and in extreme emergency setting. They must be fast and ready to care for their patients as soon as they are able. These are emergency situations and require you to be quick on your feet and ready to work.

Most colleges and trade schools offer certificate and degree programs or paramedics. You will receive classroom as well as hands on experience. A trained and certified paramedic and earn up to $54,000 a year. This is an excellent career choice for individuals who enjoy helping people as well as having the ability to save lives. It not only fulfilling but the training you receive will also help you and your family in every day instances. Everyone will be better off having you in their lives!

No matter where your passion lies you can be anything you want to be if you set your mind to it. If you are looking to get into the medical field but just are not sure what to do next, I hope this has helped you to get an idea of what a fantastic opportunity it is.

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