When Sylvia’s high school career counselor told her that pursuing a career in veterinary medicine was a waste of time, she almost believed her. Sylvia was a bright student in high school and she performed excellently in sciences. She studied all the sciences in high school and she excelled in them.

At one point in high school, Sylvia had participated in a science exhibition where together with two other students, they had designed a small remote controlled aircraft for aerial photography.

Their creativity was above board and they were promised scholarships to pursue aeronautics if they performed well in their final exams. Sylvia performed well and her teachers believed that she would be among the students who would pursue the aeronautics course from the institution.

Just like a few other teenagers, Sylvia was not seriously thinking about her future career at the time. She was more interested in being a teenager and having fun with her friends. Her family was very concerned about her. Her mother was the most concerned with her daughter’s behavior.

She was taken severally for peer counseling to guide her. She later on revealed to her mother about what her high school career counselor had told her about the course she wanted to pursue in college.

After revealing this to her mother, Sylvia’s mother went to her room to fetch a small book that she had been holding onto for a long time. She handed to Sylvia a book that Sylvia had been writing on as a small kid.

Sylvia’s parents put together a baby book for her where she was supposed to answer the question “what do you want to become when you grow up?” every time she was celebrating her birthday.

For every year, until she turned ten years old, the answer was the same. Sylvia always desired to become a veterinarian.

As a child, she brought home stray pets to add to her group of pets. Her mother encouraged her by providing food and shelter for her pets. She also paid for any expenses that her pets incurred at the animal clinic whenever they fell ill.

Sometimes her father who had also noticed Sylvia’s love for animals loved to joke about her daughter. He would say, “If you lock Sylvia in a room with 20 interesting people and one dog at a corner, she will find her way to the dog”. She had a very strong bond with animals.

To commence her career path in veterinary medicine, Sylvia applied for admission at a college of veterinary medicine. She did everything possible so as to increase her chances of being admitted to the college.

She took short courses in animal science and even volunteered to work at animal clinics. In the end, Sylvia’s hard work paid off and she was granted admission at the college of veterinary medicine.

After five years of study, Sylvia graduated and began working in the same college where she studied as untrained tutor. The college was also a research center for animal diseases and animal breeding. With time, she worked her way up to become a lecturer and a researcher in the veterinary field.

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