Have you thought about possibly finding a career within the music industry? The consensus is that the music industry is cut-throat and very competitive, and that’s definitely true in some circumstances, but the music world is much more expansive than most people think. You can find an occupation that deals heavily with music and not be a performer, or a producer. Even though that’s always an option for people, as long as you get into the right school, there are means that you can pursue that doesn’t involve the cut-throat industry part of the music world.

Music therapists are technically in the medical industry since they are a form of therapist. With that said, they use music to connect with patients. It’s truly an amazing thing that is gaining more and more popularity due to its recent successes. Musical therapy is a proven way to treat a lot of problems. For instance, there are certain medical procedures out there that can’t involve any sort of painkillers, morphine, or other pain relief; this is where music therapists can come into play. Music has been proven to provide comfort, decrease stress, and even relieve pain!

So you might be thinking: can I even make a living do this? Of course you can! Music therapists can make up to $135,00 a year. Obviously you won’t start out with this salary, and your location is definitely a huge factor in how much you could make, but even the lowest 10% of America’s music therapists can still make a living doing it. If you are interested in pursuing a career as a musical therapist, then you should definitely look into what you should do to make the path easier, and more direct. Going to school is definitely a must, but furthermore, there are some other things you should look into as well.

If you are after all interested in the other side of the music world then you should follow the same steps. Go to school! Get formal education! You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn in a classroom that you won’t ever learn out there in the work-field. If you ask most music producers, they will say that they wished they would have gone to school. But this wasn’t always an option. Only recently has music production been a viable route for students. Here are the top music production schools.

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