The electric guitar is one of the great discoveries of the twentieth century. The twentieth century is a period when mankind recorded some of his greatest leaps in discovery and innovation. Amongst all the discoveries, the electric guitar is one of the greatest in the world of music. This is because of the way the world was taken by storm by its introduction and how the sounds of the electric guitar have led to monumental changes in music.

The electric guitar was created due to the need for musicians to find a solution in amplifying the sound of acoustic guitars. It was necessarily to amplify the acoustic guitars and make them audible enough – especially when being played amongst other band instruments such as drums. Many attempts were made to find a suitable solution with many attempts providing output solutions that did not have very good quality.

Finally, a suitable solution was discovered in 1931 when an electrical engineer and a musician came together to create the electric guitar. The electric guitar applied the use of electric amplification to amplify the sound. In their approach, the engineer converted the vibrations of the guitar strings into electromagnetic signals which were then amplified to produce sound that is audible enough for the human ear.

To convert the vibrations into electric signals, a device known as a guitar pickup is used. There are different types of guitar pickups that are used with different electric guitars. Some of the most common pickups are the hum bucker pickups and the single coil pickups. The hum bucker pickups do not have feedback problems and are less prone to producing a hum.

After the pickups turn the string vibrations into electrical signals, these signals are then fed to a guitar amplifier. This is because the electric signals are by then too weak to be detected by the human ear. The guitar amplifier enhances the signal strength and these stronger electric signals are then fed to a loudspeaker.

Many critics claim that the electric guitar cannot provide an original sound since much of the sound quality is lost as the sound travels through the intricate amplification system. The system is however also important in helping the guitar sound to be able to be manipulated. Special effects that can be added to the guitar sound include overdrive, distortion, and reverb.

As it is, one has to have electric power to play the electric guitar. If one is travelling or one wants to perform in the outdoors, portable power sources such as powerful batteries or gasoline power generators can be carried along. One also needs to have the extra accessories such as the loudspeakers, the guitar amplifiers and the wire cables to provide connectivity between the systems.

Today guitarists do not have to depend on wire cable connections to get the signals from the guitar to the amplifiers. Today there are wireless guitar systems that can be used. These provide the performers more freedom to move around as they play the guitar.

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