There are a number of different career fields that you can choose from. No matter what your passion is in life you have endless opportunities to do a number of different things with your life. The medical field is always a booming and exciting field for a student to get into. If you enjoy helping people and playing a huge role in the health care industry then the following careers I am about to describe might be something that you would enjoy. Life is too short to not have the career of your dreams.

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants have a number of different responsibilities that make their job extremely important and one of the most sought out in the country. They are responsible for entering all of the data regarding the history of the patient as well as their basic information. Medical assistants check vital signs and assist the doctor with patient exams. If the doctor allows, they also perform any injections needed by the patient. They are also in charge of scheduling appointments as well as getting blood samples ready for lab tests. These are all extremely important duties that require a very specific type of training.

In order to become a medical assistant you must obtain an Associate’s degree in Medical Assisting. The school that you attend must be accredited by the CAAHEP. After that you would need to take and pass the certification exam. As a seasoned medical assistant you have the potential to make nearly $44,000 a year and can start out making $21,000 in salary. You will be paid more based on experience and whether or not you have worked in a doctor’s office. This career is a great choice for individuals who want to get their feet wet in the medical field.


A dentist has the responsibilities of removing any tooth decay, repair teeth, fill cavities as well as treat and diagnose issues with the patient’s teeth and gums. There are three important steps you must take before becoming a dentist. You must first obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or a related course of study. After that, you need to complete dental program and obtain your degree. And like any other medical professional, you must become licensed. A dentist has the potential to make between $75,000-$188,000 a year depending on experience and quality of education. Just like becoming a doctor it is crucial to pick the right schools and choose the right path.

Both of these careers are great choices if you are interested in a medical profession. Take the right path to obtaining the best education possible so you can obtain the best and the most rewarding of careers.

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