A neurologist specializes in the practice of neurology which is devoted to treating all disorders that impact the brain and spinal cord. They are expert professionals in the diagnoses of the central and peripheral nervous systems. Becoming a neurologist takes a lot of training and education. Some of the diseases that they treat and diagnose are: Cerebrovascular diseases (stroke), headaches, brain infections, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Autism, epilepsy, and many other diseases and conditions. I have provided you with some information on what it requires to become a neurologist as well as an overview of the career itself.

The education requirements for becoming a neurologist are very time consuming and require patience for the field as well as the training involved. In order to become a neurologist you must first obtain a four year degree from a college or university with a science-related major if at all possible. A student must then attend four years of medical school and obtain a D.O. degree or a M.D. After all of the schooling, it is now time to intern for a year at a hospital or doctor’s office for the experience requirements. Another three years of specialty training is in neurology is required before practicing. A seasoned neurologist has the potential to make nearly $200,000 a year. Neurologists typically come out of their training making about $50,000 year in salary being some of the highest paid medical professionals in the United States.

X-Ray Technicians

X-Ray technicians have the training and ability to operate the x-ray equipment that helps in the diagnoses in certain diseases and other conditions. Typically an x-ray technician would train for 1-2 year and then go on to work in a hospital, doctor’s office, dentist’s office, or other medical facility. X-ray technicians have the ability to fix x-ray equipment as well as picture developing, patient positioning, so they can get the most accurate pictures possible.

They are not permitted to discuss the findings from the x-ray with the patient. This has to be done by their physician under all circumstances. An x-ray technician can make anywhere from $37,000-$80,000 a year. There are many trade schools and community colleges that have medical imaging as an option for students. This requires a thorough education as well as hands-on practice with machinery and the handling of images. Make sure you do extensive research before choosing the college you wish to attend in this field.

These are two very important career fields we have just discussed. A neurologist has the ability to treat issues with the brain and the spinal cord while an x-ray technician is not a doctor but can help in disease diagnosis. All medical professionals are significant in their own ways.

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