My mother was well-known within media circles. Early in the 1990’s she ran a popular column in the local dailies. She was a freelance journalist and she was worked for several companies publishing creative stories for magazines and newspapers.

She had been inspired by her mother who was also a journalist. My grandmother was an influential person and my mother picked a lot of attributes from him that she passed on to me. My father used to spend most of his free time writing creative stories or gunsmithing, a skill that he acquired from my grandfather.

From as long as I can remember, our living room has always had the most recent magazine copies and daily newspapers. Some of the magazines and newspapers which date back to the Second World War were left by my grandfather and they are intact to date.

When I was growing up, I loved reading creative stories from old newspapers; some of which were written by mother. I could at times cut out sections of magazines and newspapers with cartoons and creative stories which I carried to school.

One day, as I was reading an old newspaper, I came across an interesting quote by Malcom X who said that without education you can go nowhere in this world. With education, you can achieve far much than what an un-educated man can achieve.

I had already began having a lot of admiration for powerful and influential people in the world. I realized that there is power in the spoken word and that an individual can utilize their talents to change people’s lives.

Powerful individuals such as Malcom X and Martin Luther King Junior used the power of the media to reach the masses. Through written and spoken word, they ended up influencing the lives of millions of people.

Such World figures helped me to have a deep interest in writing and I knew that journalism provided an excellent opportunity to develop my skills. I had learnt so much about media when I was growing up and by the time I joined college, I knew that experience was all I needed to thrive in this field.

I began writing for the official college network, a club that produced a students’ newspaper which was sent home to parents on a monthly basis. I enjoyed writing for this newspaper and undoubtedly, it improved my writing skills a great deal.

When I was in my final year in college, I was required to write an opening for movie, which was fantastic experience, to say the least. This opening increased my interest in broadcast journalism. Until that moment when I was called to feature in film media, I had only set my eyes on print journalism.

I am good at creative writing and that is what I wanted to venture into in future. However, when the opportunity came about to grace TV screens I could not let it slip by. I also realized that being on the broadcast journalism would enhance my popularity which I desperately needed.

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