I studied optometry in college. Immediately after graduation, I landed a job with one of the eye clinics in my town. It was the first job that gave me an opportunity to have hands-on experience in my field of specialization.

Optometry is a great career and I loved practicing it. It has given me the opportunity to interact with so many people most of whom were colleagues in my field and patients from different backgrounds. It has also given me an opportunity of touring various places where our firm offered free eye checkups to different communities.

One Saturday morning we were offering free eye checkup in one of the neighborhoods. I was attending to a patient inside the mobile clinic when some kids got into a fight. I was trying to restrain them when I tripped and fell to the ground. I injured my lumbar spine and my limbs. I was put on a stretcher and I was rushed to hospital.

As I laid on the hospital bed, I began thinking about the accident. At one point, I would imagine that the accident was meant to happen. Before the accident, I had already began thinking about a career change. I loved being an optometrist and helping people. But there was a feeling inside me that I needed a profession that would allow me to utilize my creativity.

I am a creative individual and I felt that optometry did not allow me to exploit it to my full potential. I had always desired of studying cosmetology but my father could not allow me. So I ended up studying optometry in college.

The accident left me with a disability that I would live to battle with for the rest of my life. It was apparent that I could not resume my duties at the clinic any time soon. I had to be taken to a disability institution to train on how to cope with my disability.

Luckily enough, there was a cosmetology center in our town that trained people with disabilities and those who successfully went through rehabilitation an opportunity to further their study in cosmetology.

I applied for admission at the institution and lucky enough it went through. Inside the institution, I met people who had been through terrible situations in their lives. Some were drug addicts while others had horrific accidents that left them disabled.

Majority of them were very friendly, passionate and eager to turn around their lives by trying to do something meaningful.

The cosmetology course offered at the institution was thorough and practical. The teachers were very encouraging and they often reminded us that disability cannot hinder a determined individual to achieve their ambitions.

After graduating from the institution, I never went back to work at the eye clinic. I realized that during my recovery, I had acquired all I needed to prosper.

My desire is to open a salon business someday that combines cosmetology and holistic self-healing. This would be a great opportunity to help individuals who pass through the same ordeal like what I went through.

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