Kidscraft train table

Toy Train Sets and Tables

Toy trains sets and tables are most exciting for toddlers and small children to play around the movement of train, the sound, curves, tunnels and bridges the toy passes through. Some of these come as package of train sets and train tables and few comes separate pieces. These toy trains are suggested for 3 years and above children. These would come with 100 plus pieces to assemble with nuts and bolts placed at pre-drilled holes. Manufactured material would be high quality non-toxic plastic and wooden as well. These must conform to toy safety standards.

Train Table features

Train table comes with different shapes and sizes which allow the train set to be placed in any layout. These are designed to provide adequate space for train sets to tracks configured which would create interest for children. The space can be used in centre of the room or under bed options with varied heights suitable to children’s likings.

Train table with train set will come with complete accessories which matches the dimensions of the train table. However, the train set extensions will be limited. Train sets would come with siren sounds, flash lights, battery powered and designed with different themes.

Train Table Options with and without train sets

KidKraft Train table:

The kidkraft wooden train table are designed with city themes which provide multiple options to store the train sets and pieces in an organized manner. Height of the table is suitable for toddlers and small children. The table top comes with landscape designed and plain design options. The package with train set comes with 120 set pieces which can be assembled by kids while planning a layout for train track.

KidKraft trains come with different theme selection as below

Waterfall mountain train set

Limited Edition Waterfall Mountain train set

Ride Around Train set

Metropolis Train set

Aero City train set

Toys R Us Mountain Rock Train table comes with drawers and is very sturdy. The mountain theme includes train track, road, cars, bridges and curves. The train is equipped with lights and sound which is activated during train movements. This set comes with 100 pieces to assemble.

Melissa Doug Wooden train set comes with significant track pieces with 4 track formations. This has landscape to configure various track formations with bridges, tunnels, curves and straight tracks. Also includes 30 different small items like trucks, cars, trees which helps children to identify during the play.

Wooden Train sets come with various quality materials like Plum Train, Butternut train sets. These are eco-friendly and most of the themes are country side farm houses settings. Wooden train tables have good storage areas and include items like boat, cranes, cows, people and trees. Most of these sets are 100 plus pieces to be assembled and are portable for toddlers. The designs vary from eight shaped tracks to spiraling tracks to include good combination of toy running for more time by battery operated engines.

“Why Kids love the KidKraft Train table”:

KidKraft train table has good variation of products with different themes which children are fond off. These are manufactured with high quality non-toxic materials and vibrant color combination to keep children attracted. Different themes comprise of Waterfall Mountain, Metropolis, and Aero City which provides pre-built landscape to add to the charm of playing with train sets. The user manual is easy to use which helps children to assemble the pieces together. The accessory with KidKraft set includes train tracks, bridges, tunnels, trees, river, boat, cars with realistic details.

Toys train set improves the hand-eye co-ordination, cognitive abilities, enhances memory and develops speech. It increases their interactive ability to co-ordinate with objects and observation of different colors.

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